A Cut Above®

Carnival-style French Fries and Skillet potatoes are irresistible…especially when you make them quickly & easily at home!


What Are A Cut Above Potatoes?

These unique varieties of potatoes contain higher solids and less water. This combination results in oven-baked fries & diced potatoes that consistently bake up light, crispy, and delicious!

Available Types and Sizes

1.5 lbs. Pouches in shapes to satisfy every palate;

  • Carnival Cut Fries
  • Skillet Red Diced Potatoes

Whole Potato 3 lb. Bag

The same special high solid, low water potatoes used in the fresh-cut product are also offered as whole potatoes too for when you are cooking for a larger group or if you love the art of chopping.

  • Whole potatoes offer the benefit of making either French fries or potato chips from the same potatoes. Great for game day party planning, and a fun way to get your guests involved!

How to Prepare

Quick and tasty baking instructions are on the back of the bag. Be adventurous! Use your spices and create a signature side dish worthy enough to be called a Side Delights potato.