Amazables!® brings fun back to potatoes!

Amazables! are delicious, convenient potatoes that come with and without custom sauces made for you by Litehouse®.  A first-of-its-kind oven crisp style from the microwave in only 6 minutes!

There are two amazing sauces available: Buffalo Ranch and Loaded. These custom, can’t buy them anywhere else sauces are made for you by Litehouse, a leader in dressings, dips, and sauces.

Amazables! potatoes are wrapped in an innovative film that shrinks around the potato in the microwave to crisp the skin.  The film is #1 recyclable (just like water bottles), the most accessible and most prevalent recycling material available with the highest chance to be recycled and used for another purpose.  The film is cool to the touch after microwaving, even though the potato inside is HOT!


  • Remove the sauce packet from the exterior pouch before cooking
  • Keeping the potato in the pouch, fold the open end down and place it in the microwave
  • Microwave on HIGH for 6 minutes.  Pouch will shrink around the potato, crisping the skin.
  • Let stand for 2 minutes.  Caution: Potato will be HOT!
  • Open the sauce packet and squeeze over the cooked potato
  • Enjoy!

Amazables! Russet Potato

This Amazables! is a premium, US No. 1 grade Russet potato that microwaves up with oven-crispy style skin on the outside and fluffy potato on the inside.

This Amazables! does NOT come with a sauce packet.

Customize this Amazables! potato however you wish.  Use your favorite seasonings, dressings, and toppings to make a snack or a meal.

Amazables! Potato with Buffalo Ranch Sauce

The same premium Amazables! Russet potato PLUS custom Litehouse Buffalo Ranch sauce. This Buffalo Ranch sauce combines creamy Ranch dressing plus spicy Buffalo sauce with hints of celery and cilantro.  Yep, now you’ve got it.  Mmmmmm.

Don’t forget to REMOVE SAUCE PACKET before cooking.

Amazables! Potato with Loaded Sauce

The same premium Amazables! Russet potato PLUS Litehouse Loaded Potato sauce.  This Loaded Potato sauce is packed with sour cream, bacon, chives, cheddar cheese, and more bacon!  It’s the traditional loaded baked potato toppings rolled up in this custom sauce.  Yes please!

Don’t forget to REMOVE SAUCE PACKET before cooking.