Fresh-Cut Potatoes


Some of the best food trends start in foodservice; chili cheese fries, stuffed potato skins, fish tacos, flatbread everything and of course, cronuts.  Have you also noticed that what is old, is now new again?  Think about the energy around brunch, updated mac-n-cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup.  Who doesn’t love all that?

House-made (meaning from scratch in a restaurant kitchen) fries and chips are also one of the big foodservice trends.  Chefs have always known what a hit all forms of potatoes are with their guests.  They are America’s #1 side dish, after all.

Now you can create the same “house-made” fries and chips in your own home using our fresh-cut line of products.  Whether you want to bake fries, chips or create your own fun shape, our A Cut Above potatoes are just the right type of potato for cooking at home.  These potatoes are unlike anything you can buy at the grocery store.  They are grown specifically for creating fries and chips in your oven, instead of the fryer, which means they are healthier for you too!

Have fun!  Season them as you like.  The sky is the limit with A Cut Above potatoes.