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Potato Pizza

Main Dish

Add a little pizzazz to pizza night! Slice up this sharable Potato Pizza, courtesy of i am a food blog. Inspired by Roman street food, this garlic-y potato pizza pie will have you feeling l’amore!

Hash Brown Sausage Balls


Now here’s a recipe that you can really sink your teeth into! These Hash Brown Sausage Balls, courtesy of A Zesty Bite, have all of the comforting flavors of a home-cooked breakfast packed into bite-sized portions. These balls are great for bringing to a brunch or an on-the-go breakfast.

Hash Brown Sliders

Main Dish

The breakfast sandwich has become a staple of on-the-go mornings. In fact, convenient and high-protein breakfast dishes are rising in popularity, according to a new study from Nielsen Perishables Group. But if you’re following a gluten-free diet or low-fat diet, buns, biscuits, English muffins and croissants commonly used in breakfast sandwiches might be off the menu for you. There’s good news: potatoes can fit right in as the base of a quick, hi