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Potato Curry with Peas

Side Dish, Main Dish

Serve with the Indian flatbreads known as chapatis for a vegetarian meal or use as an accompaniment for simple grilled fish or chicken. If you’d like a hotter taste, do not remove seeds from the jalapeño pepper.

Potato Briouats Moroccan Potato Filo Pastries

These North African pastries usually are made with paper thin dough called malsouqua (Tunisian pastry) or ouarka (Moroccan pastry). As these semolina flour pastries are time consuming and a bit tricky to make, and because they are not readily available at our markets, we’ll use filo. Briouats are similar to Tunisian briks or small Greek and Turkish borek type pastries. Layers of paper thin pastry are wrapped around a filling, rolled up onto cylin