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California Avocado Tri-Color Potato Salad


This lightened-up and festive tricolor potato salad is mayo-free and full of nutrients. It has a classic potato salad flavor with a fun twist from the addition of creamy chunks of fresh California Avocados, which are in season spring through fall. Featuring a tangy and slightly sweet non-fat Greek yogurt garlic-dill dressing, it provides an excellent source of dietary fiber and a good source of potassium and protein. This delicious and nutritious

Potato Salad with Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette

This Potato Salad with Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette is perfect for picnics and BBQs because it has a dairy-free dressing which won’t spoil quickly when left in the sun. Kids will have fun drizzling olive oil into the food processor, watching the vinaigrette emulsify. You’ll have extra Vidalia onion vinaigrette leftover to dress for future salads. Recipe courtesy of The Kids Cook Monday and Andrea’s Recipes. Ages 8-11

Quick & Healthy Baked Potatoes


Back to basics this week with this go-to recipe for a Quick & Healthy Baked Potato. The key? Top your tater with healthy, low-cal toppings like Greek yogurt, salsa, chives and broccoli for a wholesome meal. If requiring a gluten-free recipe, check the label of the indicated (*) recipe ingredients to ensure they are gluten-free.

Fennel Stuffed Potatoes

Appetizer, Side Dish

When’s the last time you had a stuffed anything and felt bloat-free? Enter Fennel Stuffed Potatoes! The combination of the purifying fennel with the potassium-rich potatoes helps to restore fluid balance and will leave you feeling energetic and puff-free. Not bad for a satiating flavor-packed spud! The addition of fennel makes these stuffed potatoes sweet and delish! If you are not fond of the licorice-like flavor of fennel, you can substitute ce