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Ricotta Pie with Potato Crust

This recipe closely resembles a dish from Apulia, pitta di patate. We prefer baking the potatoes, rather than boiling them, as they make for a firmer crust. It will not, however, become fully crisp in either case. The chewy potato character will always dominate.

Red Cooking Pork And Potatoes

Main Dish

“Red cooking” is a traditional Chinese braise, a stew made with soy sauce, sherry, and stock. It’s named for the way old-fashioned, unfiltered soy sauce can take on a reddish cast when long-stewed, something modern soy sauces rarely achieve—unless you’ve gone to Chinatown and bought a bottle of heavy, deep soy sauce. In any event, this is a homey dish, very warm and comforting, a bright aromatic spark for a chilly evening. If requiring a gluten-f