Side Delights®

The most popular, fresh potatoes for your cooking needs

What is Side Delights?

  • Year after year, potatoes are the #1 favorite side dish in America. So you could say that they are the side dish that gives you the most delight….get it?
  • Side Delights are fresh, wholesome potatoes of the highest quality in a full-range of potato types and bag sizes

Available Types and Sizes

  • Russet, Idaho Russet, Red, Yellow, White
  • 3 lb., 5 lb., 8 lb., 10 lb.
  • Available in clear poly, light blocker and combo mesh bags

How to prepare

Preferred uses by potato type are:

  • Russet and Idaho Russet – Baking
  • Red – Roasting
  • White – Mashing
  • Yellow- Grilling

Spectacular recipes

  • We collected the most outstanding recipes from across the United States for your use. Click here to go to the recipe section.
  • Start by selecting your desired potato type to find your new favorite potato recipe!