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Creamy “No Cream” Potato Soup with Herb Oil Swirl and Migas

Soup, Side Dish

It’s difficult to believe that this smooth and creamy soup is “heart healthy” and dairy-free. The herb oil adds richness and depth of flavor to earthy potatoes. Migas are a sautéed breadcrumb condiment that is popular in Spain. Here, convenient panko mimic the garnish adding a bit of flavor and texture to the soup. Need a quicker recipe? Try Quick Creamy “No Cream” Potato Soup with Herb Oil Swirl and Migas by using instant mashed potatoes.

Grilled Potato Kabobs with Lemon Herb Drizzle

Side Dish, Main Dish

No matter the spice, potatoes are the ideal canvas for a variety of flavor combinations and sizzling side dishes. Include potatoes as one of the stars of your entrée by skewering them with your favorite protein, like a lean sirloin or chicken sausage. Or celebrate meatless Monday and include more spuds on your skewer!

Family Favorite Baked Fries

Side Dish

Fries and a Champagne pairing? Absolutely Popular Champagne site The Fat Cork, recommends pairing homemade oven fries with Champagne. Salt from the fries balances acidic wine, making salty foods are a perfect pairing for dry Champagnes and sparkling wines. As a perfect side dish or part of a festive holiday buffet, make your own oven-baked fries without the mess of traditional oil frying.